Travel Vlog California Silicon Valley to Sausalito

After visiting Sequoia National Park, I wanted to see what life was like in Silicon Valley. First, I stopped off at a Google city in Mountain View. Because of COVID-19, the campus was not active. Although, I did enjoy the android park and dinosaur statue. As an engineer, I felt inspired by the dynamic functional architecture and layout. For the next stop, I visited Stanford University in Palo Alto. While I toured the campus, I was reminded of my undergraduate years when studying was my top priority. College was a very stimulating environment for me. Here at Stanford, I was impressed by the blending of different architectural styles. Study hard if you want to go to school here. The town of Palo Alto was quaint. After a nice rendezvous with coffee and ice cream, we drove over to Redwood City. There, I had the pleasure of visiting the Pulgas Water Temple. I paid my respects to the water element. Before I knew it, I was in San Francisco driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. Soon after, I made it to the Muir Point Outlook to enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Finally, I stopped for a peaceful walk along the boardwalk in Sausalito. The sunset hitting the boats along the water was beautiful, and I gazed out back across the bay at the city of San Francisco. Check out my other California trip videos.