Travel Vlog Cambodia Floating Village and Battambang

After Phnom Penh, I left for Battambang. On the way, I stopped at the Kampong Chhnang floating village. In the town, there were a lot of shops on the street. Vendors were selling all kinds of food from meat and produce to bread and local specialties. I realized that I had stepped into the countryside in what seemed to be a remote region. However, I learned a great deal about the life in that province. This area was filled with cultural charms, unique flavors, and a simple atmosphere. Seeing the floating village by ferry was a beautiful excursion. I got to witness the rural lifestyle while learning about the Lake Tonlé Sap community and ecosystem. These floodplains allow for vegetation and cultured crops to flourish. In addition, there are hundreds of species of fish in the Mekong system. The biodiversity and all these natural resources allow for productive fishing and irrigation activities. Later that day, I arrived in Battambang and decided to do the Bamboo Train. These makeshift vehicles give tourists a chance to see the stunning Cambodian landscape. While it may not have been the most comfortable ride, the Bamboo Train was speedy and fun! The tracks led to a small village where I interacted with some surprisingly welcoming families. I wrapped up another day having explored and done activities I could never do elsewhere. Hope you enjoyed the video. Check out more of my trips!