Travel Vlog Cambodia Siem Reap Angkor Wat Sunrise Angkor Thom Bayon and Preah Khan Temples

I was out of my Siem Reap hotel by 5am to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. It was so worth it! A small crowd was gathered around the lake near the entrance. Then a procession of monks emerged and took a morning stroll around the structure. The gongs could be heard throughout the plaza. Next, I made my way back inside the temple for the second day. I explored the nooks and crannies again and paid my respects. I had come a long way. After I finished walking around Angkor Wat, I made it to the Angkor Thom site. The entrances to the city were marked by grand gates. I spent time admiring the architectural symbolism. I continued exploring. The Bayon temple was the most impressive. Bayon had the air of a Mayan pyramid. Though, these were giant faces of the Buddha or maybe the Angkor king gazing at me from all directions in the jungle. The towers were stunning and the apsara carvings were mesmerizing. Finally, at Preah Khan, which means “Holy Sword,” I marveled at the temple complex that contained ceremonial areas, lush courtyards and hallways, and a multitude of shrines. There was little restoration ongoing while I was there. The buildings were fascinating and quite mysterious as they were hidden by the overgrown vegetation. That night I hung out in Siem Reap. I checked out the market and went to Pub Street for a good time. I hope you enjoyed following my journey through Cambodia! I learned so much. See you next time.