Travel Vlog Malaysia Chenderoh Lake Cameron Highlands: Cancer Therapy and the Quest for Rafflesia

Are you ready for an adventure? How about two? This time I learned about local culture at an island homestay and hunted the largest flower in the world deep in the Malaysian jungle. First, nestled in the middle of a beautiful lake, I found “Suka Suka” homestay. “Suka suka” is a Malaysian saying meaning to relax or do as one pleases. This was especially easy since Aziz, Asiah, and their son Azim were so warm and hospitable. And they taught me how to properly tie my sarong! So I swam, relaxed, and took in the scenery while I connected with the nature and people around the village or “kampung.” Experiencing all the charm of a traditional town made for a quaint time. I even played mancala at the lakeside retreat, which during sunset was beyond picturesque. I opted to finish the book I was reading on Leonardo da Vinci. While I was in Malaysia, especially during these few days, I came to realize the importance of the plants in the region and their practical uses. This part of Malaysia has a lot of agriculture, and besides some of the plantation crops, there are also medicinal herbs found in the jungle. I discussed the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia, which contains many anti-oxidants and has potential for use in cancer prevention and treatment. While garcinia is a popular weight-loss supplement, it has proved useful in homeopathic medicine and I was curious about engineering more potent formulations. For the next mission, I journeyed to Cameron Highlands, climbing the mountains while the temperature dropped. Here, there was a brilliant farming community and lush tropical forest, although the area looked as though it was becoming more and more developed. I visited the BOH tea plantation and explored the hill-top markets. Yet, the most exciting time was the rainforest expedition for the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia. During the trek, it was pouring; but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the exotic flora and fauna. There are pictures of the Rafflesia flower we found at the end of the video and I posted other pictures on Instagram. After all that, I was soaked and really wished the flower had smelled better. That could be another engineering project. Hope you all enjoyed my journey in the Malaysian countryside. If you liked my videos, please show your support!